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What is Tenugui?

A traditional Japanese cotton towel, typically used in the kitchen as a dishcloth or hand towel, but it can be used for many different purposes.

Because of the lightweight fabric, it is super absorbent, fast-drying, and it's so handy to have them around! 

Crafted from the high quality cotton and hand-dyed by artisans, Tenugui blends Japanese craftsmanship with everyday practical use.

The more you use or wash them, the softer they become with beautifully faded colors!


Care instructions: 

- This product is hand-dyed, therefore the colors may fade especially during the first several washes. Wash with similar colors

- Tenugui edges are purposely frayed. If frayed threads become too long and tangled, gently trim them with scissors. Excessive fraying should stop after trimming

- Hand wash recommended or normal washing cycle in cold water

- Dry flat or low tumble dry & press with iron at medium temperature


Please select from the following option:

Color 1. Olive X Yellow OR Color 2. Black X Gray


Dimensions: 36"(L) X 14"(W)


100% cotton

Made in Japan

G.K.P. Tenugui

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