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G.K.P. - Good Kitchen Products

Established in Santa Barbara California, 2017


Our products are designed to be practical.

But they are not only practical.


We aim to create sustainable, long-lasting and beautiful kitchen products that can inspire you every day. Whether in home or a professional setting, we want to elevate your kitchen and daily experiences beyond the merely practical. 


Skilled artisans artfully handcraft each of our flagship aprons locally in the Santa Barbara/LA area, which have received praise for both their aesthetics and quality-design from renowned professionals and home chefs alike. 

As the present and future of our planet is also important to us, we donate 1% of our proceeds towards ocean plastic pollution clean up efforts.

We make sure to use ecologically-friendly manufacturing that minimizes our carbon footprint and rely on sustainable business practices. 


In this way, you can not only enjoy our creations but also feel good about using them.


G.K.P. is a woman-owned company. Our Founder and Head Designer, Kazuyo Takeda was born and raised in Japan. She has worked as a designer for women's clothing brands in New York, Milan and Tokyo. She also has an academic background in science on which she relies for her creations.












新潟県妙高高原出身。カナダ・モントリオールMcGill 大学理学部生物学科卒業。






List of clients:

Alinea, Chicago 

Blue Hill, New York 

Mozza, LA

n/naka, LA

Elizabeth, Chicago 

Ojai Valley Inn, Ojai

Joe Beef, Montreal

Nightbird, San Francisco

Conversation, Seattle

Baker Bleu, Melbourne

Flame + Smith, Canada

Finch & Fork, Santa Barbara

Rico Curry, Tokyo

Row 7 Seeds, New York

Beacon Coffee, Ventura

VEA Newport Beach Marriott, CA

Deer Valley Resort, Utah

pink door cookies, Nashville


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