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*Please note, our current lead time for apron order is approximately 3 weeks. Thank you so much for your patience.



Cross your straps in the back! This apron is crafted with sturdy medium weight (9.3oz) black canvas. One of the straps is made with detachable (and interchangeable) olive green, gray or brown strap.

2 Front pockets.


Regular size: 36"(L) X 30"(W)

Small size: 33"(L) X 30"(W)

XSmall size: 30 (L) X 30"(W)


Please select from the following options:

- Regular or Small size or XSmall

- Strap color: Royal Blue or Olive Green

- Waist straps: Long for tying in front or Short for tying in back 


100% cotton

Made in USA

G.K.P. Cross Back Apron: Black Canvas

Strap color
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